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GPS Vehicle Tracking


Whichever reason you choose AVL is the one solution that can wrap all of these qualities into a single package. Do you need to:

  • Monitor Critical Systems on a vehicle (refrigeration, pressure maintenance, etc)
  • Track Vehicle location in real time (current location, route tracking and metrics, etc)
  • Real Time 2-way text messaging with vehicles (scheduling, changes, directions)
  • Overall Fleet Management and planning (route efficiency, driver efficiency, etc)

When developing an AVL solution that meets your needs there are certain factors that should be considered:

  • Over how large an area and where do you want the system to work?
  • Do you have existing Radio Service or Equipment that might be compatible with AVL operation?
  • What Budget has been developed to implement AVL?
  • What vehicles will be expected to be fitted with AVL capability?
  • Where and how many monitoring bases will there be in the system?

These are just some of the questions that must be considered when developing a custom AVL solution. AVL data can pass over everything from two-way radio, NEXTEL/iDEN Systems, Cellular, PCS and Satellite Networks. Which carrier you must use can have a dramatic effect on your budget and how far it will go towards implementing an AVL solution.