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Radios Using a Linked Repeater System

When you need a Radio System to talk over a wider area you need the power of a linked system. A linked system allows multiple Repeater Sites to be tied together for blanket coverage of a region. With modern high-speed switches and microwave links you can easily talk from Minden to Truckee and from Tahoe to Fallon to Yerington with the press of one button on your radio. The linked system handles all of the networking for you.

Dispatch Systems on the Jobsite

Jobsite Radios are considered the entry level radio in the communication world.. They are low power and only use a single frequency at a time. Their range, while advertised at up to 2 miles, are typically limited to less than a mile. This is especially true when buildings are involved. These radios are ideal for situations where communications are need in and around a single story building or a few single story buildings.

Radios Using a Single Repeater

When you need a radio system that will allow you to talk over a longer distance you need the power of a repeater. Because of the initial investment and ongoing maintenance that a repeater requires many people opt to purchase airtime on a commercial repeater from a provider like Sierra Electronics. Using a repeater allows you to leverage the higher power of the repeater to be heard over greater distances. The downside is that you have to be within range of the repeater to use it. Even with this limitation, a repeater will give you a range measured in the tens of miles.

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