L6Q Quick-Deploy LPR Camera System

The Motorola Solutions L6Q license plate reader delivers enhanced safety and security. Combining LPR technology with simple installation, this camera triggers when vehicles move at specific speed thresholds, even in total darkness. Paired with ClientPortal software, the L6Q adds efficiency to security operations with location and parking enforcement analytics.

100 MPH
max. capture speed
75 FT
max. capture range
infrared illumination
weather rating
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Quick deployment for faster scanning

Easily install, configure and activate your L6Q portable license plate reader camera within minutes with an intuitive out-of-the-box workflow. Mount your camera on almost any surface and conveniently complete set-up from your smartphone with the Mobile Companion mobile app for additional flexibility.

  • Easy-to-handle design
  • Rapid-deployment box
  • Flexible mounting options

Built for any environment

Designed to run in almost all weather conditions with its wide operating temperature range and IP67 rating, the L6Q is also physically secure with its tamper-proof design. Its removable and paintable shroud allows for customization so your camera can blend in with its surroundings. The L6Q can be installed practically anywhere, with its versatile power options — solar, AC/DC and high-capacity, swappable battery.

Analyze the data captured by your L6Q

Pair the L6Q with Vigilant ClientPortal software to manage watch lists and alerts, run license plate and location-based searches and run patented analytics, such as association and location analysis and convoy identification. This powerful software integrates with Avigilon Unity Video to help streamline your data analysis.