Avigilon Mullion Smart Reader

The Avigilon Mullion Smart Reader v2 leverages industry-leading security and a sleek design ideal for surface-mounting where space is limited.

  • Touchless access
  • Triple Unlock
  • Multi-technology
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Flexible security that fits any door

Secure any entry with a slim, sleek reader equipped with state-of-the-art access control technology.

Complete door security in one device

A smart Mullion Reader that makes it easy for you to snap right in and replace legacy readers or build it into any new construction.

Reliable touchless access
Avigilon's patented Triple Unlock technology supports hands-free Wave to Unlock, mobile or watch app, tablet, HF and LF key cards, fobs and Cloud Key credentials with 99.9% unlock reliability.

Secure and fail safe
Stores no sensitive data, is tamper-resistant and designed to withstand power failures and Internet outages.

Easy to install
Sleek mullion form factor is easy to mount and install with standard electrical wiring and a snap-in design. Easily replaces legacy access control systems.

Implement everywhere, manage from anywhere

The cloud-based Alta Access software for the Avigilon Smart Reader enables remote and mobile monitoring for all entry activity on any device, and seamless integration with platforms like G Suite and Azure AD. Plus, users can unlock the door using their smartphone.

  • 100% remote management on any device
  • Secure, convenient mobile credentials
  • Open ecosystem for limitless integration