The Single Door Controller is a compact access control unit (ACU) for up to two entries and two Avigilon readers. Using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for power simplifies installation, making it ideal for small offices or decentralized deployments. The Controller securely makes all entry decisions, and it’s easily set up with the Admin App.

  • Up to 2 entries
  • PoE/PoE+

Access control for the modern workplace

Avigilon Alta is a complete access control solution with sleek hardware, cloud management and easy-to-use mobile credentials. Designed to scale with ease, the system provides futureproof protection for any facility.

Easy connectivity, seamless setup

The cloud-native Single Door Controller includes ports for Avigilon Readers, relays, Request to Exit and contact sensors and configurable inputs for Wiegand devices or more sensors.

Simplified connectivity
With wired or wireless connectivity and PoE for power, the Single Door Controller streamlines installation. Connect to Avigilon readers with CAT 5/6 cables and industry standard RS-485 signaling for communications.

Flexible install options
The Single Door Controller can be wall mounted or installed in a single or double gang box and powered using PoE, PoE+ or an external 12V to 24V supply, making it easy to install almost anywhere.

All-in-one device
Eliminate the need for additional hardware and centralized wiring with the Single Door Controller. This compact ACU supports two readers, two doors and associated relays and sensors, with power.