It's all about reliability. Network operators need a solution that scales and provides reliable connectivity at a low Total Cost of Ownership. WM supports the following product lines: ePMP, PTP and PMP.

You can achieve better uptime through better visibility of your network with the Cambium Networks Wireless Manager. This network management software tool offers breakthrough map-based visualization capabilities using embedded Google maps. Combined with advanced configuration, provisioning, alerting and reporting features, you can control your entire outdoor wireless network (Mesh Wide Area Network, Point-to-Point solutions, Point-to-Multipoint solutions as well as other SNMP enabled devices). With its powerful user interface you will not only be able to control your network's access, distribution, and backhaul layers, but you will also have visibility to WLAN sites and be able to quickly launch Cambium Network's indoor network management systems.

Wireless Manager Features

  • Template-Based Configuration – With Wireless Manager's user-defined templates you can accelerate the process for the configuration of the devices you add to your network resulting in quicker and easier deployments. The template-based functionality provides an automated way to configure large numbers of network devices with just a few mouse clicks and can be scheduled to occur at any time via Wireless Manager's Task Scheduler. 
  • Ultralight Thin Client – With the growing mobile workforce, it is important to have access to the status of your network at any time. With Wireless Manager you can view the status and performance of your entire wireless network via a compact web interface accessible by your smart phone.
  • Map-Based Visualization – Wireless Manager overlays sophisticated real-time information about your network elements onto building layouts and dynamic Google maps. Visuals can be scaled to view an entire city or building or a specific area, floor, or link.
  • High Availability Architecture Support – Wireless Manager offers a high availability option, providing a highly reliable and redundant network management solution that ensures you always have management access to your network.
  • High Scalability – The enhanced Wireless Manager offers you server scalability with support for up to 10,000 nodes as well as support for distributed server architecture.

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