Welcome to the Best Coverage in Northern Nevada!

We offer a number of inexpensive rate plans for both Alphanumeric and Numeric Paging

We also offer the following enhancements for your paging services:

  • 800 Phone Number Access
  • Custom Voicemail
  • Email to Pager Messaging

For rates and more information contact us

Paging Coverage Area

Click to view our system coverage map

Specialty Paging Applications

Have a Piece of Equipment on an Assembly line that you need to monitor?

Have a hard to reach electronic scrolling marquee that you need to update from time to time?

Need to mass message many pagers at the same time?

Need your own, In-house, Paging System at a reasonable Price?

Need a "Hospitality" Paging System?

Need to automate your dispatching System?

Contact Us for more information on Specialty Paging Applications

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