CommandCentral Aware

All in one.
Awareness for all.

CommandCentral Aware unifies all of your real-time data and video streams into a secure common operational view, automates analysis to surface critical insights and enables instant communication of intelligence to responders in the field.

Livestream Body-Worn Video
CommandCentral Aware situational awareness software that not only unifies data and video, but helps you identify intelligence and share it instantly.

Whether It’s Responding to An Emergency Or Managing
Day-To-Day Operations, Visibility Is Everything.

CommandCentral Aware allows you to see all of your resources and events on a single, highly configurable map. With 9-1-1 calls, CAD incidents, radio and vehicle locations, sensors, cameras and more all together, you’ll uncover new insights that inform better decisions.

All in one. Awareness for all.
Siloed systems make it impossible to leverage your ocean of information. CommandCentral Aware situational awareness software not only securely unifies all of your real-time data and video streams into a common operating picture, but also helps identify intelligence for users to quickly and easily share.

  • See Your Patrol Area Clearly
  • Surface Critical Insights Quicker
  • Add Patrol Coverage… Virtually
  • Share Intelligence In An Instant

For Any User, Any Team, Any Agency
CommandCentral Aware is comprehensive and highly flexible, so that users and teams of all types, across agencies of all sizes, have the tools they need to enhance their situational awareness.

CommandCentral Aware for Streaming Video: V700 Body-Worn Video Integration
With high risk incidents on the rise, responders need real-time situational awareness to support better decision making and safety on the scene. They need eyes on the scene throughout the incident to improve awareness of an officer’s location and offer closer remote visibility and support.

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