PremierOne Mobile

When your response makes all the difference

To respond quickly, confidently and safely, first responders need situational awareness as an incident unfolds. PremierOne Mobile delivers the information needed for field response, optimized for the dynamic needs of a public safety.


Accurate and informed response

PremierOne Mobile software enables public safety personnel to assess and prepare for a situation when dispatched, en route, and on the scene. First responders access critical information in real-time from PremierOne CAD, PremierOne Records and law enforcement databases. Users easily access information via a simple, one-step navigation experience enabling more informed decisions for quicker, safer, and more efficient resolution.


  • Simple interface built for rapid response
  • Details, updates & alerts for live intelligence
  • One experience across devices in the field
  • Browser-based remote admin capabilities
  • Optimized experience for police & law enforcement
  • Firefighters can update crew & unit capabilities
  • EMS capabilities for emergency medical response
  • Command Staff workflows improve incident command


Accelerate field response
Utilize drive directions and dynamically receive incident details during critical response activity. As persons, vehicles and locations are added to an incident, previous details are instantly made available to officers. This intelligence is automatically surfaced as scenarios develop. Access to necessary information enables improved decision-making to execute a rapid and informed response to every call for service.

Enable incident management
Enable full incident control and information sharing while in the field. Initiate an incident with a single touch and update event details, comments, and location. Additionally, scan a license to automatically search and add a subject or query a vehicle. Easily attach photos, video, and other multimedia from your devices for collaboration with other units and command staff. Empowering officers with control in the field keeps them mobile and enables a more autonomous and productive workforce.

Enhanced situational awareness
Deliver mission-critical information to those who need it most - anytime, anywhere - for informed tactics and successful outcomes. Real-time updates and automatic notifications keep responders informed with alerts, ‘hot hit’ responses, messaging, and BOLOs along with vital premise and hazard details. Enhance situational intelligence with geofencing and status monitoring for location and activity details of all units and incidents to remain connected to developing situations as events unfold.

Intuitive use interface
One-level access to information minimizes keystrokes to rapidly deliver information. Designed to distribute the right information to the right people at the right time. The client applications are designed for touch screen use in both a mobile computing and smartphone environment. Single key traffic stops, one touch status updates, and simple screen tap to drill down to incident or unit details are optimized for the Mobile workforce.

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