Spillman Flex Mobile

Stay Connected to Agency Data and Alerts From the Field

During an emergency, access to critical situational information for field personnel can mean the difference between life and death. Respond to situations fast, before dispatch has even finished taking the call, with Spillman Flex’s integrated law enforcement mobile software.

Receive Relevant Information Straight to Your Phone, Tablet or Laptop

Rapid dissemination of information is vital to keeping officers and community members safe. Provide your team with pertinent and constantly updated information about the address of a call, which units are nearby and quickest routes to a scene, as well as any alerts on the location or individuals involved.

Key Capabilities:

  • Immediate Access to Dispatch Activity
  • Shortened Call Response Time
  • Instant Access to Critical Information Across Departments

Free Up Radio Airtime for High-Priority Calls

With mobile access to critical call information, your officers can receive pertinent details in real time using a laptop or mobile device. This enables them to access information about a call’s address and nature as well as any additional comments as they are entered by dispatchers. Flex’s mobile police software also frees up radio frequencies for high-priority calls and reduces the potential for misheard information or noise interference.

Key Capabilities:

  • Call comments viewable directly from laptop
  • Quick and consistent access to radio logs
  • One convenient location for updating call and unit statuses

Use Your Mobile Device to File Reports From the Field

Capturing the most complete and accurate data is vital for your team to get the job done quickly and effectively. That’s why Flex’s law enforcement mobile software provides you with all the tools necessary to remotely gather accurate data in the most efficient way possible. Use Flex Mobile police software from your laptop, smartphone or tablet for unparalleled access to critical data when and where you need it most. Create and submit incident reports while details are fresh and spend more time out in your community instead of behind a desk.

Key Capabilities:

  • Remote Access to Forms and Templates
  • Direct Mobile Report Uploads

Instantly Shift Your Focus From Emergency Response to Investigation

After arriving at a scene and assessing the situation, your team’s focus moves from emergency-response mode to investigative. Use Spillman Flex Mobile to access agency data with speed and flexibility. Make more informed decisions by accessing existing alerts or notifications on records when running driver licenses and vehicle information.

Key Capabilities:

  • One Centralized Database
  • Single Query for Data Searche

Impact Future Designs

Your community has its own unique needs and challenges and your technology should help you meet those needs in the best way possible. Flex Mobile provides the necessary support your department needs to get the job done right through a simple, intuitive system that can be easily navigated. Utilizing input and suggestions from actual users helps to shape the mobile police software system into the most effective tool for your team out in the field.

Key Capabilities:

  • Access to Important Updates and Alerts
  • Feedback to Improve Future Releases
  • Useful Innovation Through Thoughtful Partnership

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